Lyme – The Causes, Symptoms, And Treatments For Lyme Disease

Lyme – The Causes, Symptoms, And Treatments For Lyme Disease
Lyme disease is transferred to humans through a tick bite carrying the bacteria B. Burgdorferi. In 1975, there were a significant number of cases in Lyme, Connecticut, giving the disease its name. In 1978, it was discovered by Allen Steere that Lyme disease originated with tick bites. Willy Burgdorfer identified the bacterial culprit that is the cause of the disease. A tick does not have to be an adult tick to transfer to the disease to humans. Nymphal deer ticks can pass it on as well. The most common tick-borne illness in North America, if caught early, it can be knocked out by a course of antibiotics. However, these antibiotics can have very harmful side effects.

The most distinguishable clue that you have contracted this disease is a circular bulls-eye rash at the site of the tick bite. Fever, fatigue, headache, and depression are also early symptoms of Lyme disease. If treated early, these symptoms are fairly minor. However, if left untreated, the consequences of this illness become much more serious. In just days or weeks, the infection begins to spread into the bloodstream. This stage of the illness also comes with heart palpitations, dizziness, and muscle, joint, and tendon pain. Untreated patients can develop neurological disorders, like facial palsy, meningitis, encephalitis, and radiculoneuritis.

If the disease persists after this stage without being treated effectively, patients can suffer severe and chronic consequences. These symptoms can extend throughout the body, usually affecting the brain, eyes, joints, nerves, and heart. The most serious cases can result in paraplegia and severe neurological disorders, such as fibromyalgia, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, depersonalization, vertigo, and even frank psychosis. Lyme arthritis can infiltrate many joints in the body, but most commonly manifests in the knees. Memory loss, debilitating fatigue, and delusions can also occur in advanced sufferers.

Treating Lyme disease has been made more difficult by disagreements in the medical community over its existence and necessary course of action. Some doctors who deny the existence of this illness can misdiagnose as ALS, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, Lupus, MS, and even psychosomatic delusions. A simple course of antibiotics can take care of this disease when it is caught early. In fact, if you find the tick and remove it within thirty-six hours of the bite, the chances of contracting the disease are greatly reduced. If you are living with the symptoms of this devastating illness, perhaps you can be helped by a pathogen-attacking organic mineral supplement of true colloidal silver suspended at high concentration levels in clustered water.

Finally, there is a new, breakthrough colloidal silver that attacks Lyme (and other pathogens including viruses and fungus) and kills the bacteria by switching off its ability to breathe. Death of the pathogen usually occurs within a few minutes. There are no know side effect that can cause harm to the human body.

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